Here are some of the free services and resources available to you when you partner with DVA’s US Centers Project.

  • Plant-Rich Menus Guide – A 40 + page web-based resource full of recipes, center testimonials, endorsements, food policy examples, vegan alternatives, and reasons why we suggest a transition to a plant-rich diet.
  • Nutrition consultations through our partners at Balanced. They help with menu planning, design and implementation, recipe selection, and food procurement support. They can answer any nutrition questions and create a beautiful Recipe Guide catered and scaled to your needs with any nutritional information you request.
  • Our Japanese recipe guide that we created with our partners at Balanced. Almost 40 pages full of traditional Japanese foods that have been created with plant-based foods.
  • Financial support to test out vegan products to incorporate into your menu.
  • Financial grants through our Circle of Compassion Grant Program for centers that adopt a new vegan or veg food policy…
  • We can connect you with one of our plant-based doctors who can answer any of your scientific and disease-related questions.
  • Connection with other plant-based centers.
  • We can facilitate a connection with a Buddhist studies expert who can answer any of your scripture-related questions. 
  • We provide access to our education materials, including one-page info sheets, links to books, videos, and other resources such as our Climate Doc. 
  • We can schedule a personalized climate presentation for your Center via Zoom with a climate research expert. 
  • Various other personalized Zoom presentations. Ask for more details.
  • Animals and the Buddha – DVA’s documentary produced by award-winning filmmaker Keegan Kuhn about the reasons why Buddhists should be vegan, or at least vegetarian.
  • We can promote your center on our social media platforms. 

If you have any questions please reach out to us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your interest in being a voice for animals.

Carrie Thompson
Director of DVA’s US Centers Project