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We hope this website finds you and your sangha well, and know that we send you good wishes as you live and spread the wisdom and compassion of the Buddha.

We are members of Dharma Voices for Animals (DVA), a non-profit organization. We are the only international Buddhist animal advocacy organization. We are active in the USA and have extensive projects in the Buddhist countries of Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Vietnam. Our mission is to represent the voices of animals in the global Buddhist community. We serve to be the voice of animals, because they do not speak our human languages and therefore cannot make their voices heard in society and in the Buddhist community.

We created a downloadable resource guide called "Plant-Rich Menus. Your guide to delicious, compassionate, animal-free menus." This guide will tell you more about our US Centers Project and provide additional resources, tips, tricks, and tools, to help your center to be even more closely aligned with the wisdom and compassion of the Buddha's teachings.

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And as a special bonus, we will include a copy of the Dharma Voices for Animals U.S. Centers Project Plant-Based Recipe Guide. This guide contains recipes, nutrition information, and resources to help you prepare several delicious and compassionate favorites. Be sure to get your copy now!

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Plant-Rich Menus

Your guide to delicious, Compassionate,

Animal-free menus

Compassionate menus for compassionate people

All beings fear danger.

Life is dear to all.

When a person considers this, he does not kill or cause to kill.

(Dhammapada, Chapter 10, 129)

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Triple Gem of the North is a Buddhist Meditation Center, located in Chaska, Minnesota where the teachings of the Buddha are practiced. www.triplegem.org. Our food policy is to serve the food which best reflects the Buddha's teachings of compassion and non-harming. All of the food served to yogis on retreat and the monastics who live there and visit is fully plant-based which supports compassion for animals, our planet, and the health of our families and ourselves. Triple Gem has been in operation since 2003, and we have not heard a single complaint that the food offered was completely vegan.

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At the Detroit Zen Center we practice a lifestyle of doing no harm. One of the most sincere aspects of that practice is not consuming animal products. www.detroitzencenter.org. There is no question harm is done by consuming animals; to the animals, to ourselves, and to the world we live in.

We believe that a whole food plant based diet is a healthy choice because it is in line with our biology. With the epidemic of disease due to dietary excess we have found, from lived experience, that people can and do heal by eating whole plant based foods. This process is part of spiritual practice.

In addition locally, we have seen through the years, that many Detroit neighborhoods are food deserts. There is no way to access plant based fresh food in these areas and transportation to available food can be a challenge for many Detroit residents. It has been a part of our mission past, present, and future to act as a model of food sustainability and do what we are able to provide delicious affordable food to anyone who wants it.


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I would very much recommend working with DVA and Balanced if the situation presented itself.

The process of working with both organizations has been rewarding, easy, and very informative. I recognize the dedication of both organizations. I think what makes it possible is the fact that everyone has been gentle, not demanding, and responsive to me in real-life situations. Both organizations are very human without dictating or correcting. They are very patient and not critical. They are nonjudgemental and they do not shame. There is a feeling of 'you’re doing the best you can right now' and that’s important. I believe in and support what they are offering.

Since we started working with DVA, we’ve reduced our consumption of red meat, introduced more vegetables, instead of white rice we prepare whole grains, and we use more beans and legumes now. We have the intention of including a vegan burger and ground flax seed in the future. Connecting with the nutrition consultants at Balanced has been very meaningful because it’s really important to me that I pay attention to my diet.

What influenced me the most to add more vegan and veg options to our menu was that I wanted for myself to have a more healthy diet and wanted to provide that opportunity to others. It is important to me to find alternatives because we are concerned about how the animals are treated in the meat production industry in this country.

Michael Freeman is a co-founder and the current resident teacher of Southwest Sangha in San Lorenzo, New Mexico. They have been in operation for 28 years and operate totally on Dana.

Thank you for being a voice for animals

Dharma Voices for Animals is the only international animal rights/advocacy organization in the world.

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